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Explore 220+ Higher and Degree apprenticeship vacancies in the November edition of the Higher & Degree listing 2021/22.

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What is the listing?

The Higher & Degree listing showcases hundreds of vacancies from various employers for apprenticeship vacancies starting in 2022.

Please note, this is a selection of vacancies available. To access more vacancies, please visit Find an apprenticeship.

Who is it for?

The listing is for anyone who is looking to apply for a higher or degree apprenticeship in 2022.

It is particularly useful for students in year 13, and adults of any age who may be considering applying for an apprenticeship.

How do I use it? 

You can search vacancies by employer, location or job role. You will also find direct application links next to each vacancy that will enable to you to apply.

What is a degree apprenticeship?

A degree apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to work as an apprentice whilst attaining a degree and/or professional qualification, fully funded by the employer and/or government, while working towards a top-flight career!

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Which employers are on the list?

There are over 40 employers on the list, including small to large organisations, offering a wide range of opportunities across England.

Do I have to pay for my training? 

No! The cost of your training is covered by your employer and the government. You will also start earning a salary from your very first day!

What do the levels mean?

A higher apprenticeship is levels 4 and 5 and these are equivalent to a foundation degree. A degree apprenticeship is a level 6 and this is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree level. There is also a level 7 Master’s level qualification and apprenticeships are also available at lower levels.

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What does TBC mean?

Some employers have listed TBC as their application closing date.

These employers may be recruiting on a year-round basis or they may choose to close the applications once they have successfully hired a candidate.

What happens next?

What happens after you apply will depend on the employers’ recruitment procedures but usually, if you are shortlisted for the stage of the process, you will be contacted with further information.

We wish you the best of luck!

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