Meet Amazing Apprenticeships own apprentice, Fran Green!

For ‘Ask An Apprentice’ during National Apprenticeship Week, we thought it apt and fitting to spend some time with our very own apprentice, Fran Green. Fran has written a blog telling us about her journey so far, giving insight into her decision making process and some sage advice to those of you who are looking at your next steps. Fran has also given us some brilliant insight into her day-to-day with a ‘day in the life’ video.



1. Why did you apply to become an apprentice here at Amazing Apprenticeships?
During year 13 I really had to think about my future. I had two options, either going to university or doing an apprenticeship. I had a long think about my options and decided that University was not for me, the big factor was the debt, I did not want to do a course that I felt pressurised to finish even if I was not enjoying it and I didn’t want to do a course that could possibly lead to no job afterwards. I did not want to go to university just because all my friends were – I wanted something that worked for me. I then started looking at apprenticeships, the number of apprenticeships available is incredible, you can pretty much do an apprenticeship in anything you want! This gives you more opportunity to explore all the different sectors out there.

I got in contact with Anna Morrison CBE the director of Amazing Apprenticeships after she did a talk at my school. I was so interested in her company, Anna was so passionate about what she has accomplished since setting up her own business that I wanted to get a better insight into what the company did and how it was so successful, but I did not have any experience of what it is like working full time or in the business world – I did Biology, Geography and PE as my A-Levels. So, I asked Anna if I could have some work experience during my summer after A-Levels. I worked for 6 weeks and during my time I absolutely fell in love with business. I found working for Amazing Apprenticeships so interesting, I got to experience different roles in the company such as, how to create newsletters, how we host webinars and all the different employers we work with. During my 6 weeks of work experience, an apprenticeship position opened and I went for it! I knew I was passionate about the role, I knew I loved working at the company and I really got on well with the team – it was an excellent opportunity!


2. Why did you choose Business Administration for your apprenticeship?
I fell into the Business Administration role, I would never have thought I would be working in business as I never took the subject during my time at school. The only reason I chose Business Admin was due to my work experience. Without that work experience I would not be doing this apprenticeship. so, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to find something that I loved!


3. What does your day-to-day role involve?
I never have two workdays the same as my work tasks are always evolving as I get more experience! Due to working in a small team I get involved in all aspects of the company – which I love! My main work is admin, such as working on our database. Here I analyse data, work with our stakeholders, and just make sure everything is up to date and accurate. I get to work on our newsletters which go out weekly, and I get working with the team to create new resources for schools! Recently I have been working on our social media platforms and this has been a big eye-opener to me as I find this really interesting – so possibly in the future I will go into marketing.


4. What skills have you learnt so far?
I have been working here for over a year now and I can truly say I have learnt so many skills, such as time management, data management, communications, decision making and how to work efficiently. Doing this apprenticeship, it has shown me how to apply my skills into the world of work! It has given me confidence and knowledge which I can take with me into the future.


5. What do you most like about your job?
I love working with my colleagues! It is a pleasure to go into work every day. I am the youngest and the only apprentice in the team, but I do not feel out of place at all. I also love being involved in different projects throughout the company as I get a better understanding out how each part of the company links in with each other.

Since my time here at Amazing Apprenticeships my responsibility has grown. I have been able to lead on certain sections of our projects, such as the resources we created for International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day.


6. Tips and advice for future apprentices?
My biggest piece of advice for anyone looking at apprenticeships is getting work experience! You will never know if you like the job until you try it! I always pushed a side business as I did not think I had the skills due to never doing the subject at school, but I was very wrong! The practical experience and stepping into someone’s shoes really gives you an ‘on the ground’ idea of what a role or career can offer The work experience I did, showed me that I did really like business and I did have some skills what was beneficial to the company – so just go for it!


7. What are your future plans?
So far, I love working where I am. I have found that I do have a big interest in the social media side and would love to learn more in this, so potentially could go into this part of the company. I am currently leading on our Instagram page. I help to design and create new Instagram posts and stories to help promote all our resources and events. Learning how to create campaigns and designing content is so interesting and very rewarding to see it on our Instagram page.

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