BAME Apprenticeship Awards


It is always important to recognise and celebrate diversity – which is why here at Amazing Apprenticeships, we didn’t need to be asked twice when approached to consider sponsoring the glittering BAME Apprenticeship Awards.

The BAME Apprenticeship Awards, evolved from the Asian Apprenticeship Awards, which launched in 2016 and to date has engaged with over 1000 apprentices from BAME backgrounds across the UK. In the last four years, the awards have created over 200 role models, who have been able to use their success as a platform to celebrate their achievements in their apprenticeship.

The awards have also been instrumental in creating future leaders and ambassadors for Apprenticeships and brought to the forefront key issues surrounding the need for more diversity within particular sectors.

Winning employers have showcased their diversity and inclusion strategies and how it’s helped them to shape an inclusive and diverse work environment as best practice examples for other organisations to follow suit.

“We are proud to be supporting The BAME Apprenticeship Awards in partnership with Pearson, which showcases the outstanding work and achievement of apprentices from black and minority ethnic groups and inspires BAME apprentices to reach their full potential. The awards also raise the profile of employers and training providers across the UK, who are championing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.” Anna Morrison CBE, Director, Amazing Apprenticeships.

We’re continuously looking for opportunities to collaborate with partners that share our passion for driving forward the apprenticeship and skills agenda, for the benefit of our customers. If you are interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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