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Amazing Apprenticeships are a proud programme partner of the Sutton Trust Apprenticeship Summer School, having supported the development and delivery of the inaugural programme in 2020.

The Sutton Trust have a long history of running engaging programmes that support young people from less advantaged backgrounds to access leading Universities and careers. Their work around social mobility is vital and so we were delighted when they partnered with us to help to develop a similar programme for apprenticeships.

Over 100 young people participated in the Summer School, accessing a 3-day programme of interactive sessions, expert guidance and networking opportunities with some of the country’s top apprenticeship employers. A further 400+ young people were also supported through a series of online information sessions.

“We have always recognised and valued the powerful tool that apprenticeships can be in transforming people’s lives, and so it is incredibly important to us that they are made available and are accessible for all. Katherine, Laura and their team at The Sutton Trust are also committed to these values and so it has been a pleasure to work with them on a programme that we hope will help to remove some of the barriers for the young people participating and support them in accessing top apprenticeships.”
Anna Morrison CBE, Director, Amazing Apprenticeships.

Our work with The Sutton Trust includes:

  • Blog by Anna Morrison ‘Celebrating what works: How schools can successfully promote apprenticeships’
    Published by The Sutton Trust, 9th February 2020 click here
  • Research paper Covid-19 Impacts: Apprenticeships
    Published by The Sutton Trust, 20th May 2020 click here
  • Project Apprenticeship Summer School
    Ran from 13th – 17th July 2020 click here
  • Webinar in Time for Change series ‘Social mobility in apprenticeships’
    Hosted by Amazing Apprenticeships on 22nd September 2020 click here

We’re continuously looking for opportunities to collaborate with partners that share our passion for driving forward the apprenticeship and skills agenda, for the benefit of our customers. If you are interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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