Apprenticeships for the school workforce

Thousands of schools across England are benefitting from apprenticeships as a way to recruit new staff and retrain or upskill existing staff of all ages and levels of experience, in a wide variety of roles.

Popular Apprenticeships For Schools

There are hundreds of different apprenticeships to select from. Here are some of the most popular apprenticeship standards that schools are using:

Teacher (post grad)

School Business Professional

Teaching Assistant

Chartered Manager

Business Administrator

Senior Chef production cooking

Laboratory Technician

In April 2017, the government changed the way that it funds apprenticeships in England. Employers with a paybill of over £3m per year, including schools, are now required to contribute to an apprenticeship levy.

Many schools who are maintained by local authorities and academy trusts also contribute to the levy as part of their employer’s overall paybill. If your school pays the levy, the money can be claimed back to invest in apprenticeship training for your staff.

A webinar delivered by the Department for Education (DfE) in July 2018 can be accessed here.

School Apprenticeship Checklist

  • Consider which apprenticeship opportunities might be suitable for your school and how the apprenticeship can provide the training and skills needed.
  • Check whether your school pays the levy or not, and/or whether you can access co-investment. If your school is part of a larger employer group (e.g. local authority or multi-academy trust) contact them to agree how you will access the relevant funds to spend on apprenticeships
  • Check whether your school is in scope of the public sector apprenticeship target and how workforce plans are taking this into account. Follow the steps set out to hire an apprentice and appoint a training provider

More Information

Please contact the National Apprenticeship Service Helpdesk
Telephone: 0800 015 0400.