Time for Change: Bridging the gap between school and apprenticeships – an opportunity for employers

How much do students really know about employment opportunities?

How prepared are they for the workplace?

Do they know which local employers are offering apprenticeships and traineeships?

Do they know how you, as an employer, can assist in these decisions?

Do they know what you offer by way of supporting those entering the world of work?

Do they appreciate how important raw talent is to you and how you are bridging the socio-economic divide to bring opportunities to as wide an audience as possible?

While many schools offer brilliant careers provision, they are equally calling out for support from employers to effectively drive the message of opportunity and the reality of support. They need assistance and credibility in highlighting and bringing to life the myriad of opportunity available, the best route to access and real, first-hand insight into the world of employment.

Employers have a unique opportunity at this early stage to support their local schools, work with these passionate careers advisors and teachers, champion their organisations’ apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities and gain early interest from the apprentice talent of tomorrow.

But many miss  this valuable opportunity or don’t know how to make that step.

In our latest Time for Change webinar, we’ll be bringing some of the most passionate and dedicated teachers to our virtual stage to give some insight into the struggles they currently face in providing careers advice and guidance, how employers can get involved and just why they should.

Register now and join us on 26th May at 12.30.

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