Types of Support

Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge for schools and colleges

Apprenticeship presentations

These will consist of awareness assemblies for students, staff and parents. They will provide overall information on apprenticeships, what they are, what opportunities are available, the application process and further information on areas such as Higher & Degree apprenticeships or STEM. Young Apprentice Ambassadors can also be requested to join these sessions and share their story. Please make requests for Ambassadors as early as possible in order to increase chances of successful matching.

Registration & application workshops

These workshops will support students to register, search and apply for apprenticeships. This will include registering on Find an apprenticeship (Faa), searching Faa, Vacancy Snapshot and online for apprenticeship vacancies, understanding the different stages and requirements of the apprenticeship application process and learning how to prepare accordingly.

Have-a-go workshops

This includes a range of engaging and interactive group exercises, that can be tailored to the students’ level of ability,
confidence and areas of interest, to help students prepare for the apprenticeship recruitment process. This will include practising interview skills, interactive group tasks, applications do’s and don’ts, video interview demonstrations and understanding competency frameworks.

Careers Fairs

This will involve Delivery Partners attending careers fairs and providing information and resources about apprenticeships. An Ambassador or employer could also be requested to attend.

Parents’ support

Parents’ support could include a variety of activities, tailored to the parent audience for that establishment. This includes presentations regarding supporting their children to make apprenticeship applications, as well as understanding new recruitment methods. Successful approaches in the past have included a mix of twilight, evening and weekend support.

Teacher CPD and events

Sessions have been designed in consultation with teachers across England. These will include 30 minute CPD sessions that upskill and inform teachers and colleagues about apprenticeships, as well as more in-depth workshops focussing on specific areas. Teachers will also have opportunities to attend events.