Airbus #EmbraceDiversity

At Airbus, diversity is a core part of our identity. More than 130 nationalities are represented and more than 20 languages are spoken within the company.

Our employee resource group, Balance for Business, includes more than 4,000 employees worldwide that accompany and drive the company culture forward. It manages such topics as work life balance, career development, integration of disabled employees, furthering gender balance and ensuring company commitment to our LGBTI charter.

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To get more of an idea of who we are and what we do, watch our short film ‘We Make it Fly‘.

For more information on Airbus apprenticeships, visit our dedicated UK apprenticeships page now.


Apprenticeships are evolving in the UK, and Airbus is proud to be involved in leading this change.

Offering opportunities across a range of career paths, whether on the manufacturing shop floor, in business operations or in the design office, all our apprentices benefit from working alongside world-class professionals in an environment where everyone has the same goal: to be the best they can possibly be.

Please note, we are currently reviewing all listed recruitment opportunities due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and will be updating the Time To Apply information soon.

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