Completing your application

You’ll complete your application via our vacancies page.

The application is split into 7 sections and each section must be completed before you submit your application. The experience, skills and interests section of the application form gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the relevant skills and experience you bring to the role.

Top tip: Look carefully at the job description and relate your skills and experience to each of the criteria in the person specification.


The shortlisting process

Once a vacancy has closed, all completed applications will be sent to the panel. We aim to complete shortlisting within 14 days of the vacancy closing. You will be contacted by e-mail informing you of the outcome of your application.

If you are invited to interview, you will receive an text and an email asking you to log on and book your interview slot.


Interviews are a two-way process for us to explore further your suitability for the role and an opportunity for you to expand on the skills and experience outlined in your application.

We aim to give candidates at least one week’s notice of their interview.

As well as an interview, we may ask candidates to undertake an assessment to complement the interview process.

Your invite to interview email will contain all the information you will need for your interview.

Top tip: Remember that the interview is a two-way process – you are there to find out how suitable we are for you, as well as vice versa. We want to get to know you, and we are always looking for people with a genuine interest in arts and cultures – so ask questions, and let your personality show.

Arts Council England

You don’t have to be an artist to work at the Arts Council. You might be interested in marketing, customer service, grant management, finance or HR.

You’ll be paid a fair wage while gaining skills, knowledge and experience to help you in your career. You’ll also have the chance to learn and develop through training, conferences and other opportunities – that’s why we’ve been awarded an Investors in People Gold award.

Please note, we are currently reviewing all listed recruitment opportunities due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and will be updating the Time To Apply information soon.

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