Diversity & INclusion

We are a global business, so it is paramount to us that the differences we see in the world around us are reflected in our workplace. To achieve this, we are building a diverse workforce by consciously attracting the best people to BP.

But this alone is not enough. For a diverse workforce to really thrive, we need inclusion, having a culture where everyone is valued and plays their part in building the success of our business. If we have an inclusive culture, this will help us attract the most diverse employee base. Find out more on our Diversity and inclusion page now.

Learning & Development

Our commitment to building a stronger, safer, reliable and more sustainable energy future goes hand in hand with our commitment to the people who will make it possible.

You’ll have access to structured courses, online learning, mentors and a whole host of other methods for continuing your development. These will focus on leadership, communication and presentation skills, as well as technical capabilities. See our Learning and development page for more information.


At BP, our apprenticeships allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds – formal learning and on-the-job experience. They’ll give you the perfect foundation to your career and prepare you for opportunities that could even take you around the world.

We have opportunities in HR, Supply and Trading, Technology, Data Analytics, Data Science, Global Business Services, Procurement & Supply Chain or Petro Chemicals. Find out more now.

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