Last year we announced our largest ever apprentice recruitment drive, increasing the number of apprentices across our GB sales and operations by more than 50 per cent and investing over £1 million into the business’ apprenticeship programme.

Details of our lead programmes are below, but we also offer a broad range of apprenticeship opportunities across our business. See our vacancies page for upcoming vacancies.


The CCEP Engineering Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship offers opportunities in supply chain and cold drinks operations teams at sites across GB.

The scheme offers a four-year programme combining theory and practical learning to develop core skills. We support ongoing studies at local colleges, together with work-based assignments, training and mentoring from experienced CCEP technicians. The engineering qualifications gained in our programme is a Level 3 Food and Drink Maintenance Engineer.

The CCEP Field Sales Apprenticeship

We also have programmes within our Field Sales function, offering 12-month and 18-month sales and telesales apprenticeships in the Leeds, London and Manchester regions.

These programmes are delivered as a mix of blended learning both in the classroom and on-the-job by our training providers.


We continue to add new apprenticeship disciplines, with the launch of our first Solicitor Apprentice in September 2018. In 2019 we will launch our degree apprentice programme, as part of our early careers attraction campaign.

Watch this space for more details!

Coca-Cola European Partners Apprenticeships

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Coca-Cola European Partners

Coca-Cola European Partners has more than 26,000 employees across our business, from supply chain and commercial teams to corporate functions like finance and human resources.

If you have the personality with the power to influence and connect, if you can sustain the pace to keep on growing and make an impact with your desire to win (what we call THIRST) then Coca-Cola European Partners is the place to quench it.

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