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The UK Parliament is the home of our country’s democracy, with the House of Commons and House of Lords examining and challenging the work of the government through questioning ministers and debating and passing new laws. Working at Parliament is an exciting and rewarding career, with people in a huge range of varied job roles helping to support and improve our democratic system.

The House of Commons is based in the heart of Westminster in Central London, and employs over 2,500 staff in roles such as Security, Education, Communications, Committees, Retail, Maintenance, HR, Finance, Catering, and many more.

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WHY WORK at the house of commons?

Apprentices at the House of Commons enjoy the same benefits as all Parliament employees:

  • A work laptop and flexible working
  • Annual leave starts at 30 days a year
  • Take advantage of on-site facilities including a fully equipped gym – Westminster is like a city within the city!
  • Enjoy six cafes on site, offering a range of food, from smoothies to street food!
  • Great prospects – the majority of all Parliament apprentices stay on in full-time roles at Parliament, while the programmes equip you with the skills to choose the career path that suits you
  • Opportunities to socialise with peers and colleagues of all ages and from across the organisation’s hierarchy
  • A genuinely welcoming, inclusive culture that encourages growth and values your voice and abilities
  • Travel card and bike loan scheme
  • Civil Service Pension scheme

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The House of Commons is an amazing place to build your career. As an apprentice working at the House of Commons you could join any one of our teams working behind the scenes to support democracy.

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Please note, we are currently reviewing all listed recruitment opportunities due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and will be updating the Time To Apply information soon.

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