Hovis apprenticeship faqs

Who should apply?
​If you meet the academic criteria, you should apply.

How much annual leave will I get?
​Apprentices are entitled to 25 days annual leave. This leave is not to be used whilst studying at college.

When do we get paid?
You will be paid monthly on the 23rd of each month.

Do I get paid expenses? ​
Yes, the expenses policy will be shared with you during your induction. You will be paid expenses for accommodation and subsistence when at college.

Will I get a uniform?
Will I get a uniform? Engineering and Logistics Apprentices will be provided with relevant uniform. Business Apprentices will not need uniform unless visiting Hovis sites, when the relevant work wear will be provided.

Who do I contact if I have a question/problem?
There is a dedicated team available to support you.

How much contact would parents/guardians have? ​
Parents will be made aware of the movements of the apprentices. There will also be a parents evening as part of the induction.

What if I am struggling with the workload?
You will be mentored and managed closely, so any concerns will be discussed immediately with yourself and with both college/unversity and site mentors. We aim to set you up for success and only invite you to start on the apprenticeship if you are academically capable. Our chosen provider impressed us with their care and support personally and academically.

Will I be safe?
Health & Safety is a priority within Hovis and you will go through risk assessments and site inductions to ensure you and those around you remain safe.

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