The Nestlé Academy application process is designed to find out if you have the strengths and values we’re looking for.

Do your research and be ready to be challenged, but most importantly, be true to yourself and show genuine passion and enthusiasm.

Step 1: Online Application

There is no way to revise for the online application – we just need your personal details, and want to know about your preferences and what engages you.

TIP: Submit your application as soon as possible, and do not miss the deadline if there is one!

Step 2: Online Tests

Following successful submission of your application, you will be invited to complete some online tests, including a situational strengths test (which asks how you would respond to certain situations), a numeracy test, and a social mobility questionnaire.

Tips: You can try out some sample Situational Strengths Test scenarios by clicking here. There is no time limit to the numeracy test – work efficiently, but effectively. The social mobility questions are optional – simply select ‘prefer not to say’ if you’d rather not answer.

Step 3: Strengths-based Video Interview

A Strengths-based Video Interview will include questions designed to identify your strengths in more depth, as well as some technical-based questions, so we can identify your passion for and knowledge of the function you’re applying to.

TIP: The interview is automated, so there won’t be an interviewer to speak to. Instead, the questions are presented on the screen and you record your answers using a webcam.

Step 4: Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre will be held at one of our Nestlé sites. You will be assessed in a series of strengths-based exercises, which may include group exercises, one-to-one interviews or presentations.

TIP: If you need to prepare anything before the day you will be briefed beforehand. Otherwise this is your opportunity to show us what you’re made of, so be prepared and be yourself.


Our business thrives on the energy and ideas which new young talent brings to us – that’s why the Nestlé Academy looks to inspire, educate and engage those thinking about or just starting out on their careers.

The Nestlé Academy offers exceptional learning and development opportunities through a number of different routes, to help you build on your strengths, develop your skills and gain real experience.

Please note, we are currently reviewing all listed recruitment opportunities due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and will be updating the Time To Apply information soon.

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