Our recruitment process is based around the Civil Service Success Profiles that look at specific elements related to roles and the responsibilities of the apprenticeship.



The application is designed to allow you to display evidence against the applicable elements. When deciding which examples to use, keep referring to the Success Profile Frameworks that are linked to the job advert and tailor your examples to the job that you are applying for.

Remember to allow yourself plenty of time for writing your examples.

For further guidance on how to apply please visit the Civil Service Careers page.


We recommend using the ‘STAR’ method when writing your examples.

Situation – Describe the specific situation you found yourself in. Be sure to give enough detail for the job holder to understand.

Task – The job holder will want to understand what you tried to achieve from the situation you found yourself in.

Actions – What did you do? The job holder will be looking for information of what you did, how you did it and why. Keep the focus on you.

Results – Don’t be shy about taking credit for your behaviour. Quote specific facts and figures easily understandable.

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The Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA)

The Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) is an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

We were established in April 2018 to manage the procurement, in-service support and disposal of UK nuclear submarines, which are some of the most complex equipment in the world.

Find out more about working with the SDA now.

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