Your CV

1. Your CV should be no more than 2 A4 pages

2. Make your CV personalised to The Telegraph and the role that you are applying to, detail why you are interested in joining the Telegraph and what attracts you to the role

3. Don’t leave gaps in your CV

4. Give a detailed explanation of your work experience history. Make sure you detail your role, responsibilities, the skills that you learnt and how they transfer to the role you are applying to

5. If you do not have any work experience then make sure you are detailing the skills you’ve learnt in other experiences e.g. sports team, school/college project work, volunteering

6. Get the basics right – use a simple yet professional layout, up to date contact details, no spelling or grammatical errors.


Your Application Form

1. Take your time and read the questions carefully, making sure you answer them properly

2. Don’t skip any of the questions and give detailed answers

3. Make your answers specific to The Telegraph – do lots of research and clearly explain why you want to work for us

4. Double-check your answers before you submit your application, make sure you don’t have any spelling or grammar mistakes

5. Make sure you understand the role you are applying to by reading the job description and ensure you’re aware of the skills required.

Your Interview

1. Use the STAR method to answer competency-based questions:

  • Situation – describe the context
  • Task – what was your responsibility?
  • Action – what did you do to complete the task?
  • Result – explain the outcome and what you’ve learnt from the experience

2. Prepare examples of where you’ve demonstrated skills that are necessary to the role you are applying to e.g. problem-solving, teamwork & adaptability

3. Take your time during the interview, just let the interviewer know if you need a minute to think about your answer

4. Prepare questions to ask the interviewer – it shows you are enthusiastic to learn more and develop a relationship with the business representatives

5. Use figures and data to support and give context to your answers e.g. I managed a team of 5 individuals during a 12 month period. 3 of my team members were completely new to the role.


Assessment Centres

1. Reflect on your first interview, reviewing your performance, and noting any questions or situations that caused you difficulty.

2. Be polite to other team members and take on board everyone’s ideas

3. Plan your time to ensure you can complete all elements of the exercises

4. Ensure you participate and be confident to present your ideas and thoughts. If you stay silent in an assessment centre the assessors will have nothing to mark you on

5. Be yourself – let your personality shine and the assessors will warm to you!

The Telegraph

As an apprentice at The Telegraph, you’ll be embedded into a team learning the ropes, working alongside senior professionals and gaining real work experience at a world-renowned national newspaper. 

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