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Working within the University offers a unique experience, one that you may not have imagined. We have over 14,000 employees within our 5 divisions, across all areas of Oxfordshire.

There is no need to look at multiple employers – we have roles spanning a huge range of occupations, some of which you won’t have heard of before. Whilst we aim to offer a high-quality level of teaching and research as the UK’s number 1 University, we also have a lot of other work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure this is all possible.

People are the foundation of the University’s success and they are critical to our future. We want to allow our employees to grow and flourish. Apprenticeships are an important career pathway at the University and around 80% of apprentices stay on with us for the next steps in their careers.

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WHY WORK WITH the university of oxford?

  • An apprentice-led networking group for socialising
  • Annual apprenticeship awards held in one of our buildings
  • Discounted travel
  • Student discount
  • Over 80% of apprentices stay in the University
  • 38 days leave (inclusive of Bank Holiday and fixed closure dates)
  • Excellent pension scheme

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University of Oxford

Working at the University of Oxford is probably not what you think it is… so let us explain.

The University offers a wide range of apprenticeship programmes in all areas – from business admin, HR, accountancy, to laboratory technicians and engineers. We also offer unique apprenticeship roles tending to the University’s iconic buildings and gardens.

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