Interested in becoming an apprentice at the University of Oxford?

how applying works

Step 1: Check out our current vacancies on the main university jobs site.

Step 2: Take a look at our resources section on how to make a successful application

Step 3: Read our top tips on applying for these jobs

Step 4: Create an account and apply for roles

Step 5: Your eligibility is checked by the training provider

Step 6: You will receive notification of whether you have been shortlisted


10 Top Tips

  1. Don’t leave it till the last minute
  2. Tell us why YOU are who we are looking for
  3. Give detailed answers
  4. Make your application relevant
  5. Demonstrate your strengths
  6. Check your application thoroughly for mistakes
  7. Stand out from the crowd
  8. Tell us what you’ve been up to – use examples
  9. Let us know how we can support you in your career
  10. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t successful for an apprenticeship

University of Oxford

Working at the University of Oxford is probably not what you think it is… so let us explain.

The University offers a wide range of apprenticeship programmes in all areas – from business admin, HR, accountancy, to laboratory technicians and engineers. We also offer unique apprenticeship roles tending to the University’s iconic buildings and gardens.

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