What is the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network (YAAN)?

The Young Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (YAAN) is a group of past and current apprentices that are members of a local YAAN in their region.

The core purpose of the YAAN is to grow and expand the apprenticeship programme by engaging with and providing information on apprenticeships to young people through a number of different activities and events, including schools/6th forms and young people in school academic years 11-13.
The role of the ambassador is to promote apprenticeships and inspire other young people by describing their direct experience.

Who can join the network?

We need apprentices aged 18 – 26 to join their local networks to help to inspire and engage other young people across England to consider an apprenticeship as a positive choice.

We are seeking representation from a diverse range of apprentices across England including:

  • Different sectors and job roles
  • A broad gender, ethnic and geographic mix
  • Different levels of apprenticeships, including higher and degree

If you are a past or current apprentice and feel passionately about the positive impact that apprenticeships have had on your life then we would love to hear from you. Volunteer to sign up to your local region and use your story to inspire others!

Book an apprentice to come and speak at your school

We have a wide range of Young Apprentice Ambassadors who are available to visit your school. They are employed in all apprenticeship sectors and are studying at all levels of apprenticeship from intermediate through to master’s degrees. If you would like to book an apprentice to inspire your students, staff and parents please click here.