1. Getting Your Application Started

Once you’ve registered your interest to join, you will be asked for details including your nationality and age. This will tell you what type of role you can apply for (or if you can’t join). You’ll then need to apply online, which will get you started on your Army journey.

2. Local Careers Centre

Now that you’ve applied you’ll be invited to your local careers centre, where you’ll be given a personal development plan to follow to help you get ready for the assessment centre. You’ll also learn more about the Army – and have the chance to ask questions.

3. Assessment Centre

Your assessment will last for 2 days and will take place in one of our Assessment Centres in the UK. We will pay for your travel to get there and back. This is your chance to see whether the Army is right for you, and for us to see whether you’re suitable to join.

4. Final Checks

Once you’re through assessment there’s just some final paperwork to do before you’re ready to begin your Initial training (Phase 1).

We will check your references and run a background check. This is nothing to worry about – just a formal check to confirm some of the information you’ve given us in your application. If everything looks OK we will send you an offer of employment.

5. Enlisting

When you accept the offer, you’ll be given your date to start your training and you will formally join (enlist) in the Army. How quickly you can start will depend on the job you’ve applied to do, and the grade you were given at assessment.

The Army

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The Army’s apprenticeship programme gives all new soldiers the chance to work whilst learning skills for life and earning around £18,800. Find out more now.

Please note, we are currently reviewing all listed recruitment opportunities due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and will be updating the Time To Apply information soon.

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