“I don’t think there has ever been a more important time for all things diverse, equal or inclusive.”

-Geoff Thompson MBE, Guest Speaker, The Genie Programme

The Genie Programme, founded by Amazing Apprenticeships in 2021, empowers apprenticeship employers to explore social mobility, diversity and inclusion to affect real, tangible change in their organisation.

An immersive learning opportunity, the 12-month mixed delivery programme enables participants to

  • listen and speak to disadvantaged voices
  • be inspired by experts and key speakers
  • experience immersive visits
  • converse and debate with a hand-picked, like-minded community
  • take part in discovery sessions
  • tackle uncomfortable questions and scenarios
  • gain a deeper understanding of the social mobility agenda

One-to-one mentoring focuses on individual organisational processes, analyses procedures, and assists in honestly addressing specific challenges.


Expect the unexpected, as leading social mobility authorities and inspirational figures bring new voices and insight to the table; educators, influencers and apprentices with differing views and first-hand experience to challenge what we think we know.

Throughout the programme participants are challenged to address their own ideas, position and approach in order to develop those of their organisation. Through example scenarios, discovery sessions, workshops, 1:1 sessions, lived experiences and first-hand visits, each experience is designed to shape and nurture our approach to the agenda and adjust our way of thinking.

“If the first two sessions are anything to go from, it’s going to be an amazing 12 months. I’ve already started thinking differently about how we can make an impact.”

Jodi Fair, Apprenticeships and Skills Hub Manager, Solent Apprenticeship Hub


By the end of the 12 months, each individual will be inspired and guided to create a unique, tailored Pitch for Change to present to senior teams. The end goal to make measurable in roads into tackling socio-economic diversity within their organisation.

Are you ready to be that change in your organisation?

Why Genie?

The root causes of inequality and low social mobility are well documented. A wide range of factors affect access to quality education and employment opportunities, and an individual’s background is often a huge influence on their options in later life.

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Time For Change Workshops

Each month we address a challenge faced by diverse and disadvantaged applicants for apprenticeships in our free Time for Change workshops.

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“I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realised I am somebody.” Unknown

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