Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Imagine having the opportunity to gain a full bachelor’s or master’s degree without accumulating any student debt. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Higher and degree apprenticeships are big news, and with good reason. They’re incredible options for people who want it all – a higher-education qualification, a salary and invaluable on-the-job experience. The Education and Skills Funding Agency is now working with 80+ universities in England, and the number of higher and degree apprenticeships is growing. Fast.

Higher apprenticeships are the fastest growing of any kind of apprenticeship, with almost 65% more starts in 2016/17 than the previous academic year. They’re a great option for students aiming to gain a higher-education qualification (like an HND or foundation degree) while earning a wage.

Degree apprenticeships are booming, following a recent £10 million government investment. These amazing apprenticeships allow students to gain either a full bachelor’s or master’s degree while earning a wage. Degree apprenticeship students also won’t accumulate any student debt, as tuition fees are paid by the employer and/or the government. Thousands of people nationwide are already benefitting from this incredible option – expect many, many more to start in the coming years.

Entry requirements for higher and degree apprenticeships vary by programme and are dependent on the learner’s existing skills, grades, work experience and interview performance.