Youth Employment Group (YEG)


The YEG was established to help to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by Impetus, Youth Futures Foundation, Youth Employment UK, The Institute for Employment Studies and Princes Trust.

Amazing Apprenticeships are one of approximately 80 partner organisations to join the group, working collaboratively and with governments and policy makers to ensure that young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are best supported during COVID-19 and it’s aftermath. There are a total of 6 working groups, of which we are represented on 4 groups, helping to share ideas and strategies and shaping the ‘asks’ that will be put to government.

“Amazing Apprenticeships were really pleased to be invited to be part of this important group, helping to come up with ideas, share research and insights, and ensure that disadvantaged young people receive high quality support at this critical time.

The group is full of some of the country’s best experts and thought-leaders when it comes to youth employment. Everyone is working hard to ‘think outside of the box’ and every participant is drawing on years of personal and professional experience to come up with support-ideas that are creative, sustainable, impactful and affordable. It is hugely innovative that this group has been established and we have also been able to share the approach with other countries across the world who are now looking to do something similar”

Anna Morrison CBE, Director, Amazing Apprenticeships.